Programming Course

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Programming Course

Programming Course

Programming Course


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Yes, let’s learn computer programming, but WHY did I choose this course, because:

   You can with programming help doctors and patients.

   You can save animals from disease.

    You can make self driving cars.

   Designing robot can take care of patient.

   Making fun games like Angry Birds.

    Making Movies like Brave, and Avatar.

   Making a Website like: Google Maps, and Facebook.

What is Programming:

You are 99% in the world, didn’t know how to Programmed!!

Programming is just you giving the computer several commands to work, programming useful for kids, teens, and also for a adult….

You can simply use programming for almost EVERY THING.

If you had decided to take this Programming Course you will learn how to use the JavaScript language and the processing JS library to create a fund drawing and animation.

If you have never programmed before, start here to learn how??

  • Learn the fundamentals of Programming of the Khan Academy computer science platform.
  • Explore programs made by others.
  • Write your own programs and share them.

What can you do with computer science and programming skills once you’ve learned them? You can meet the Professional. This site invited people from all around the world to introduce them selves to you….



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