Effective Business Websites Course

Effective Business Websites
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 Effective Business Websites Free Course


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If you want to learn how to build a website that effectively meets your business goals and how to use a web tool to create a website .

You have first  to learn how to create a user-friendly website that meets your business goals and effectively reaches your targetaudience by using online web design software to create a website for your business .

Steps in the course:

1.   Business concept : Learn how to create a user-friendly website that meets your business goals by effectively reaching your target audience.

2.   Technology skill : Learn how to use online web design software to create a website for your business.

3.   Course discussion : Share strategies you have learned for building a website that supports the goals you have identified for your business. If you have or plan to build a website, share the software or methods you use or plan to use for your business website.

4.   Certification : Collect your certificate for completing this course.

5.   Next steps : Discover next steps and additional resources to help you create a user-friendly website that meets your business goals.


HP LIFE e-Learning can be a valuable tool for your classroom, training center, or one-to-one coaching/counseling sessions. Entrepreneurship clubs and competitions, telecentres, and other institutions can also benefit from this online educational resource.

Course overview:

  • In finance: Basics of finance.
  • In communication: Effective business websites.
  • In Marketing: Social media marketing.
  • In Operations: Maximizing capacity, and more from the E-learning courses.

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