Elements and Atoms

Elements and Atoms
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Chemistry Intro. Elements and Atoms


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Let us today enter to the chemistry world, beginning with introduction to the Elements and Atoms.


How elements related to atoms, the basics of how protons, electrons and neutrons make up an atom??


Elements like Carbon, gold, if you dig in carbon element in small shank you will got the basic of the elements the Atom.


Do you know that a small piece from your hair content of 1.000.000 of carbon atom, and every living thing made of carbon atom.


Carbon Atom Contain :

  • Proton.
  • Electron.
  • Neutron.


If you change the proton you will have different element, so you can change just the electron and neutron.


Inside the nucleus of the carbon there is 6 elements of proton, 6 elements of neutron and 6 electron, the relationship between the electrons and the nucleus , moving around the nebulous in the center, electrons jumping around the center which contained the proton and neutron because proton have + charge and electron have – charge, and the fundamental part says:

Unlike charges attract each others, because they have different changes they attract each other.

الكلمات الداله للمواضيع

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