Positive Behavior Support for Young Children Course

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Positive Behavior Support for Young Children Course
positive behavior support

positive behavior for children

This course for people working with young children, childcare ,family childcare home or as parents.

Goal for this positive behavior support class is to give you the information and skills you need to prevent challenging behavior and to foster social emotional competence in young children.

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Courses you can choose from the edx site:

1-      The science of happiness.

2-      Introduction to computer science.

3-      Positive behavior support for young children

This course “Positive Behavior Support for Young Children” instructor: Dr. Gail Joseph: she’s an associate professor in the area of educational psychology

You can finish this course with just 8 weeks, It’s easy steps to take this positive behavior support  EDX course , you can find overview section has everything you need to get started, welcome message from your instructor, tips , and an opportunity to introduce yourself.


When you have finished this course you will be able to :


1-   Build positive relationships between children.

2-   Manage skills that prevent challenging behavior.

3-   Observe a functional behavior assessment of a child in an early care setting.

4-   Write a behavior support plan based on behavior assessment.


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