Web Development Course

Web Development Course
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Web Development Course

From UDACITY Web Site you can advance your career through project based online classes in just three steps:


1-      Take online computer science courses.

2-      Build cool projects to show case your skills.

3-      Earn certificated recognized by industry.


You can find courses for beginner levels, intermediate levels, and also an advanced levels.

You will learn the skills required to become a front-end engineer, whether you’re trying to build your first Website using the advance levels we will teach you what you need to become a Web Developer.


UDACITY featured courses in:


1-      Intro to computer science.

2-      Programming foundations with python.

3-      Intro to Data Science.

4-      Web Development

Web Development Course Summary:

Starting from the basics of how the web works the HTML, URLs, and HTTP, this class will walk you through World Wide Web to everything you need to know specially in HTML ( Hypor Text Markup Language) to build your own blog or web application and scale it to support large numbers of users.

Steve Huffman will explain to you this course from the beginner level to the advance level.

it will last approximately two weeks, 6hr/wk. you can access to course video and exercises then you can view and manage your progress, after you finishing the course you will earn a free certificate as a Web Developer.


We at the University of Almnh to provide you with e-Learning Search is a comprehensive guide to learn design and programming Web sites from scratch even professionalism through our website.

If you wish to purchase this research, select and click on this link: https://khamsat.com/training/learn-programming/92914

And if you are having difficulty Order, please feel free to enter on this site


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