Art of Ancient Egypt Course

Art of Ancient Egypt Course
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Art of Ancient Egypt Course

This course serves as an introduction to the major artistic and architectural traditions of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East. 

 This Art of Ancient Egypt course will explore how artifacts and monuments can be used to study the history and culture of the ancient world. 

There are two units focusing on Art of Ancient Egypt:  

   First Unit in Art of Ancient Egypt Course:-

Examines Ancient Egyptian of  art from the Early Dynastic .

 I will focus here on the first unit  on the art of ancient Egypt from the Early Dynastic through the Roman  periods.  At the beginning an overview of the major characteristics of Egyptian art, mythology, and beliefs about how after life & ancient Egyptian conceptions of kingship all of which remained amazingly stable for three millennia.  Then focusing on major Egyptian monuments, following the chronology established by the reign of Egyptian kings.

After completing this unit, you will be able to identify the major characteristics of ancient Egyptian art and architecture and the most important ancient Egyptian art objects. 

  Second Unit in Art of Ancient Egypt Course:-

Focusing on Ancient Near Eastern artistic and architectural traditions from the late Neolithic.

After you complete this Art of Ancient Egypt course, you will be able to:

1-      Know how to identify major ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern architectural .

2-      Know how to identify the general characteristics of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern art.

3-      How to describe art and architecture to understand the history and culture of Ancient Egypt and the Near East.

4-      How to explain Ancient Egyptian & Near Eastern cosmology.

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