ICDL Course

ICDL Course
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ICDL Course

In this course you will find seven unit , you have to read them all and be sure that you are understanding the whole subject before you pass to the next step or next level.


Waqfonline Site , provide to you ICDL Course clearly and easy to understand, if you want to watch the first section from this ICDL Course you have to click here: http://youtu.be/IN_nYydVvJY

This ICDL Course divided into seven sections:


First section in ICDL Course: talking about IT, the basic consumption about information technology.

Second Section in ICDL Course: talking about Windows, how using windows computer, and how to organizing your folder and files.

Third Section in ICDL Course: talking about Word, this very important level, because you will use it in your job, work, and life.

Forth Section in ICDL Course: talking about Excel, this application you will use it if you want to make a statistic list, or to calculate a very big figure, or made mathematical equations, Excel application can made mathematic easier than you imagine….

Fifth Section in ICDL Course: talking about Access, this application like Database, you can made a base for your data.

Sixth Section in ICDL Course: talking about Power Point, this very interested application, and you will have fun when you know how to use it, it’s simple and useful for using it to make an proposal or if you want to introduce any new product, or courses…..etc

Seventh Section in ICDL Course: talking about Internet & E-mail, every one I think know how to send an E-mail or even using Google for search…. But you will dive deeply in internet in this course.


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