Private Cloud Course

Private Cloud Course
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Private Cloud Course

In MVA ,Microsoft Virtual Academy,  you can found more than 2000 courses you are interested in, however this ” Private Cloud Course” let you know how to build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud. You also will learn more about the core Windows Server products, and how using them to build & support the virtualized and physical resources that are part of your private cloud course infrastructure. You will also be exposed to common cloud computing configuration and management practices, and technical details to help you to be successful in building a private cloud course for your business.


In Private Cloud Course, we will look at the details and the value of a private cloud and the  private cloud solutions which are built by using Windows Server with Hyper-V and System Center – the combination of which provides enterprise class virtualization, end-to-end service management and deep insight into applications so customers can focus more attention on delivering business value.


Why a private Cloud?


1-      Agility.

2-      Focus.

3-      Economics.


Private Cloud Course Attributes:

1-      Cloud computing: self service.

2-      Plus with private cloud : control and customizable

3-      It’s cloud and dedicated to you!


Benefits of a Private Cloud Course:


1-      Simplified Management.

2-      Standardized platform.

3-      Faster deployments.

4-      Increased performance and efficiency.

5-      Fewer physical servers, management tools and maintenance costs.


All about the App.:

  • Manage applications, and it’s not just an  infrastructure.
  • Deploy new application faster.
  • Keep applications up and running more reliably.


Cross-platform from the metal up:

1-      Run and manage a heterogeneous environments.

2-      Build a private cloud on multiple hyper visors management systems, and development tools.

3-      Gain private cloud capabilities without sacrificing existing IT investment.


Microsoft Products for the Private cloud:

1-      Identity. 2- Virtualization. 3- Management.  4- Development.


Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE):

Enterprise Solution:


Licensing program for highly committed enterprise agreement customers offering the best pricing and benefits in exchange for standardizing on Microsoft server and cloud technologies.

1-      Cloud enabled.  2- Standardized and simplifying.  3- Cost savings and benefits.


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