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There were a time when video games once was a solitary activity and involved only 1 person. The explosive growth in technology has changed the head of the gaming industry past recognition.
From that simple game of table tennis to the complex parallel earth of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Doing offers (MMORPGs) like the World of warcraft, the gaming world has covered a considerable ways!
According to an article printed on Forbes. com, the worldwide gaming industry is expected to crank out $82 billion in revenue by 2017. 1A large chunk of that money comes from online gaming. But with growing revenue arrives increased security issues and the question we need to ask ourselves is – The way safe is online gaming?
On the net Gaming and Security
Before we go any additional, it’s important to understand the level of risks that online gaming requires. While copy protection or avoiding the production of illegal copies was once the main security concern for online games, online games are exposed to a whole other dimension of security risks.
A direct consequence of online gaming would be the creation of personal accounts along with like other accounts, these accounts can be the target of malicious hacking. Even the largest gaming companies have been any target of account hacking in addition to identity theft. Personal and hypersensitive information like your address, credit-based card number, date of birth, bank-account details can be stolen as well as misused.
Second, a lot of that time period there’s only a thin line separating the real from the virtual for online gaming addicts and lots of online games play on of which by introducing digital currency, gold and other virtual assets like property, weaponry, etc. that can be traded for real money in real life. Yes, that’s right – real money. Accounts that are loaded basic virtual valuables may find themselves for the hit list of cybercriminals.
Another security issue the increased popularity of online games has given rise to is cheating. There was a time once the only person a gamer might cheat was himself. Not any longer! In a multi-player online sport environment, players become vulnerable to cheating by simply other players who gain an unfair advantage resulting in players abandoning games.
Add to the next list of security concerns – having your personal characters and achievements erased by cyber sociopaths. Now, who wouldn’t get aggravated while that?
Why is Security Crucial?
There are three main stakeholders in relation to the safety and security involving online gaming. The first would be the gamers themselves, most of whom play these kinds of games for fun and probably to find a brief escape from reality. To have their security compromised in the slightest is going to impact the user experience, and they’re likely to leave and move on to greener pastures (or however, safer games).
The other stakeholders would be the game developing companies. It’s important for their reputation and customer retention that they provide ideal security to their users.
And then, it’s the investors and venture capitalists that stand to find from the success of a casino game. One of the riding factors with this success is how secure end users feel when playing it.
A pair of Factor Authentication for Secure On-line Gaming
So, how do gaming companies be sure they protect the financial and personal information of their users from unscrupulous elements stalking the cyber globe? The security principles are critically the same for online gaming and also other computer applications.
Therefore, the same password protection methodologies that are used for other sensitive accounts should be adopted for online gaming records. So, gaming companies must encourage users to create strong and unique passwords for his or her accounts.
Additionally, many game publishers are making two-factor authentication required for accessing accounts. Two-factor authentication (also referred to as two-step authentication) is just about the most widely used and powerful tools for verifying a consumer and requires the presence of at least two authenticating factors. Companies can also use other verification products to spot high-risk users.
However, it’s not only the gaming companies but the gamers themselves who may have the responsibility of ensuring that their security is not compromised by following the common good practices like installing strong antivirus programs on their computers, not opening suspicious electronic mail attachments, using a firewall, and many others.
In conclusion, there’s been plenty of interest around makers of the widely accepted gaming console PlayStation, Sony, filing a patent proposing a system that allows their console to authorize access determined by biometric characteristics of a consumer. It will be fascinating to watch if Sony follows up about this and what it may necessarily mean for online gaming security!

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