The constraints which meet forests

The constraints which meet forests
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The constraints which meet forests are:

Weakness of government policy to protect the forest resource

Encouragement from governments to farmers to plant trees

Lack of funds put in forestry department

The bolition of traditionally systems   that used to protect trees

 The   conseguences of these constraints are :

Damage due to over exploitation and this is because there is acommon practice to clear  trees but will lead to depletion of forest from many other important species

·       ILLegal feeling of trees eg wood and the solution here is the close supervision during  fe   l ling process

Damage by shifting cultivation

Damage from mechanizes agriculture and here the damage is great due to the uses of machines

Fire which destroy forest resources


Desertification manifest   it self initially in:

Destruction of soil fertility

Declinig crop yields

 Chang in guantity and guality of vegetation perennial trees

Decrease in wild life and death of live stock and change in herd composition  



الكلمات الداله للمواضيع

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