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Deforestation   means  to clear of trees leaving  the whole land bare of vegetation ..it results  from many factors which include the following :

-The mechanized farming

-The increase in consumption due to population growth

In addition to other factors live stock expansion  ,increase demand for commercial and non commercial forest products..so one of the most serious problems that humanity has to be face is the destruction of forest trees which are extremely rich in species with a great potential for human use .once they are destroyed it is difficult to re establish….the major causes of tree destruction are:


Clearing for agriculture irrigated or meganized

Charcoal making for urban areas(fuel)

Excessive cutting of branches for fodder

Un controlled fires

Forest have the following important functions for the welfare of human being :

*productive function :The productivity of forests are

Efficient storage of energy in utilizable from as zoo mass self regulation and re generating processes of food ,fruits….etc

Production of awide array of chemical compounds such as essential oils

*Economical functions :

Forests contribute in foreign trade

They provide raw materials

*protection functions :

Forests protect soil against erosion

Absorb and reflect radiation

Decrease wind velocity

Absorption of aerosol 

الكلمات الداله للمواضيع

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