Grazing in forests areas

Grazing in forest areas
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Grazing in forest areas is done by wildlife and domestic herds specially nomadic and semi nomadic herds. Wild life is usually selective and the damage caused by the wild life grazing is significant , grazing domestic herds consume the young tree seedlings in forest gaps caused by felling and shifting cultivation causing severe hindrance to the natural restocking of forest stands ,while in browsing the animal  eats up the leading shoots and tips of branches causing the trees to remain stunted and un able to develop to maturity ,grazing is absolute terms is not considerably harmful to forests because on appreciable amount of natural regeneration can get away and grow in to maturity ,the real concern is over grazing in which the animal pop exceeds the potentiality of the resource and causes serve damage to the forest .In areas where grasses and herbage is scarce further damage is caused to the trees by lopping and shaking of seeds and pods for animal feed.

Over grazing is more intense and obvious in the towns and villages where trees vegetation is reduced to tuned stumps or absolute bare areas.

The most dangerous consequence of over grazing in typical conditions is it is long term effect over wide areas, these effects are loss of soil fertility and damage from erosion .The unigue distribution of rain fall and it is violence causes severe damage to land insufficiently protected by pland cover. Man  the most important factor affecting the forests causes severe losses and denudation by his harmful practices ,fire, shifting cultivation ,felling and over grazing.

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