Land clearing

Land clearing
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Forests are now being cleared for agricultural production , after the soil is degraded the land is abandoned ,it should be recognized that on heavy tight soils only the presence of tree cover with the addition of organic matter through the shedding of leaves ,twigs and branches make the soil friable ,when this organic matter lost ,the heavy soils even  though  they still may have sufficient nutrients ,become very difficult to work in agricultural cropping .

Some  times the profit is short lived with the loss of organic matter the soils become un workable and are abandoned .By this time they are often difficult to regenerate with desirable species,it will take many years to vegetative cover to repair the amage to the soil. Further ,large scale land clearing for mechanized agricultural schemes may have other un desirable results  so total elimination of the forests will leave the farmer with  out wood for fuel  or building purposes.

Where wild life is important   extensive land clearing will destroy vital habitat ,long term effects as well as immediate returns should be evaluated in the planning of the large agricultural schemes.

الكلمات الداله للمواضيع

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