The Consequences of forests degradation

The Consequences of forests degradation
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Flood and drought: are the faces of the same action of soil degradation and miss use of drought. Concentration of the same water down  stream causes floods ,this cycle of drought and floods disturbing the economy and this by destruction of proper ,death of of human being and life stock ,change of bio diversity ….etc.
Sedimentation of reservoir : Damage from increasing soil degradation not only confined to soil productivity but it has it is repercussions on the down  stream area through  increase floods ,choking of rivers and rapid situation ,another congruence of forests degradation is the effect on the climate .

Deforestation is seen as the most important factor in exacerbating desertification which leads to food prices , kill human and animals ,reduce soil fertility change herd composition ……….etc and it is considered the greatest problem which result from deforestation  

الكلمات الداله للمواضيع

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